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About Us

At Futurecribs, we help you create your crib of the future.

Futurecribs started with the idea of providing information-technology driven solutions for living spaces. Those who've experienced it before would know it -- when it comes to improving or renovating homes, the excitement is often marred by lack of ideas, resources and service. Everyone deserves an elegantly designed home, but the exercise is not that straightforward. That's because independent contractors and unskilled workers whom home owners mostly end up hiring are found to be unqualified to do the job. Despite spending a lot of money, buyers don't get the desired design, quality and finish.

Not everybody can hire an architect, but if home owners could get ready ideas, and a powerful user interface to design and visualize, designing homes would become easy. And with on-demand estimates, cost and time overruns would be avoided. That is what strives to do.

Futurecribs provides an online store for all the essential items you need to upgrade your living space. From furniture to bespoke solutions for modular kitchens and wardrobes -– the products and services we offer on Futurecribs are high-quality and honestly priced.     

Futurecribs' larger vision is to help people make their homes smart as well as eco-friendly. We don’t simply put furniture and electronic appliances in your home -- there's a lot more to it than just that. We make your appliances talk to each other. Not only do we make your living space beautiful -- we also make it safe, secure and smart.